Parents try hardest to raise their kids up. Here are some best tweets from parents to share their hilarious experience as parenthood.

Twitter is an online social media platform to share your thoughts and emotions through pictures as well. Here are some parents who have been exceptional with their catchy tweets to reaching out for us to sharing their everyday hilarious moments.

Have a look.


Say That One More Time

Mom Can Stay Outside

As we all aware of this coronavirus pandemic and about its precautionary measures taken while we are out. While one parent was approaching their apartment building returning from outside. His three years old son shouted and said –

“oh shit we forgot face masks!”

In response to this crazy reaction of the child, many commented saying –

“That so adorable at so many levels. I can just see the poppet even making a face. :-)”

Good News, Bad News




Thinks It’s Easy?

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Are You Sure?

Rollerskating Is Hard

Learning From The Parents

Trojan Horses

Taking Vacations As You Get Them

Crying Into Coffee

Birth Control

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Bedtime Is A Social Construct

Go Jump In The Pool

Chrissy’s Kids Wrote A Sweet Note

Parenting is an art. It’s not just a job, it’s more than providing your child with all necessities in this life. It is not a job though but the world’s hardest task. Children learn from parents. They imitate them. They have to be shaped as they can merge easily with the outside world.

Share your experience. Tell us how you deal with your kid’s funny reactions.