Online shopping is a good idea if you are busy and don’t want to spend the whole morning looking for a dress, shirt, or jeans that will work for you. But think carefully before you decide to order something online. Yes, I’m not joking. When you shop online, you’re basically taking a risk when you buy something you’ve never seen in person. And before you find a trustworthy online seller, you may find yourself in similar situations more than once.

Today, we have a list of seventeen people who talk about how what they see online isn’t always what they get. It shows exactly what it’s like to shop online. So, watch out for the ads and pay more attention to the reviews that have real testimonials. Scroll down and feast yourself with laughter.


“Maybe one day I will get beautiful”


“Ugh! One of these things is not like the other. It looks nothing like the ad!”


“Are you going to the wedding in this dress? Are you serious, bride?”


“When I tried to be sexy….”


“How do you think about my new dress with a slit?”


“Thanks to this woman’s Amazon review I promptly removed this dress from my cart!”


“Where can I pass this dress?”


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“When your dress you ordered looks exactly like the pic online”‘


” I’m hoping for a refund so I won’t name the company”


These are two different things, right?


A $60 Non-Refundable Dress.


“When you order clothes on amazon…”


Gotta feel sorry for her.




“Well, it fits the cat”


Expectation v.s. reality


What you ordered and what you got.