Some people may have reached their best in high school, but the rest of us may still be at home. We would say that having a camera during this time was both a blessing and a curse. Here are some of our favorite photos from people’s blunder years, from a very long straw to a wall of stuffed moose. Courtesy of r/blunderyears.


1. Posing With A ‘Ferrari’

My neighbours got a new car and I thought it was a Ferrari so I got my little brother to take a picture of me posing in front of it. For YEARS I told people that my neighbours growing up had a Ferrari. Just found the pic in an old album at my grandma’s and yeah, that’s a Dodge Neon… from blunderyears


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2. Showing Off Yo-Yo Skills In Middle School

My 6th grade pic. Peak 90’s. I have ZERO regrets. from blunderyears


3. A Clear Phone And Track Suit In The ’90s

“Hello? This is the 90’s, it wants its clear phone and track suit back.” (My partner in peak 90’s middle school fashion) from blunderyears


4. Belonging On A Mug

I can’t believe my grandma thought this face belonged on a mug, yet here it is. Still. After all these years. from blunderyears


5. The Straw That Broke His Back

My uncle being embarrassed of me trying to sip some soda in public from blunderyears


6. An Epic Photo From Circa 2006

Sometime between 05 and 07, I remember I got to choose the background and which weapon I posed with from blunderyears


7. If Adventure Has A Name

This was edited for me at a theme park in 2004. I genuinely couldn’t understand why everyone was laughing. from blunderyears


8. The Effects Of Eminem

The effects of too much Eminem on my little brother in the 2000s. from blunderyears


9. Junior And Senior Prom

Prom ’03 + ’04, what a difference a year makes from blunderyears


10. Don’t Hate The Player

My senior yearbook photo 😎 I thought that quote was so funny from blunderyears


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11. Many Stuffed Moose In ’92

Me and my mom with a bunch of stuffed moose – December 1992. I loved that vest. from blunderyears


12. JCPenney Photo Shoot In 2001

My senior pics done at JC Penny 2001, Prince of the Mother Fucking Forest. from blunderyears


13. Posing With A Dalmatian In 1998

Thanks to my sister, I completely embraced goth culture in 1998 from blunderyears


14. The Bolo Tie In The ’80s

Late ‘80s! Remember the bolo tie?? from blunderyears


15. A Photo Shoot In 2006

in my bedroom, 2006. my sister was the one who wrote ‘butt’ all over the walls. from blunderyears


16. A Wholesome Valentine’s Day

Valentines day 2014 – Thought posting a romantic dinner in my fanciest suit with my grandma would be hilarious from blunderyears

17. Two Best Buds

Thank you Facebook for reminding me of my profile picture from 9 years ago from blunderyears