It is easy to label people as smart or stupid, but the reality is more complicated. All of us are smart when it comes to certain things and dumb when it comes to other things. Maybe you are an amazing painter but can’t balance your checkbook. Maybe you are a brilliant engineer who doesn’t know how to act in social situations. Sometimes you forget to shower, but you can put anyone at ease. You must be charming.

Even the smartest person in the world can do dumb things. Here are 15 people who shared their most stupid moments. Forget about love or anything else; the one thing we all have in common is that we all have a little moron in us.


1. Looks like the band is at fault.

The person who thought it was a good idea to go see the Red Hot Chili Peppers is to blame.


2. Who’s the best Ninja Turtle? Leonardo DiCaprio of course!


3. Thank goodness she didn’t send a picture of her behind.


4. The answer is yet to be discovered by Science.


5. Beware of this new drug out in the streets.


6. Cars must be kept safe from all the scammers out there.


7. AAA calling AAA.


8. She’s been waiting in the queue for so long.


9. Nice security arrangement.


10. This guy got angry because his phone wouldn’t charge in the docking station.


11. It should be essential for all to carry name tags.


12. How about building a time machine?


13. A cop thought an art piece to be an illegally parked vehicle, so he gave a ticket.


14. “I wanted to cook my wife a fancy meal for her birthday, so I started with a slow-cooked homemade chicken stock. After simmering for hours, the recipe said to pour it through a strainer. God damnit.”


15. Amelia Bedelia must be the contractor.