Children can be a real surprise box. Anyone who has a child nearby never gets bored. They are very impulsive and express everything on their minds, but they also have a sense of humor about them. These little ones are such incredible sources of entertainment that even though they occasionally annoy their parents with their mischief, it is impossible to stay angry with them for very long.

Yes, toddlers are very sweet indeed. They cause their parents to cry with joy as they witness their children’s daily development. However, when parents step away, the once-adorable and model infants transform into nippy hyperactive beasts with cunning plans to obtain a cosmetic bag, paint the wallpaper a different color, or give their pets a manicure. They are, of course, acting out of infinite curiosity rather than any malice.

We made the decision to share with you the funniest childhood antics that parents photographed and posted online. The best type of photographic evidence to store in a family archive is something so adorable.


Since we were already inside the hospital, I believed it to be secure.


On the first day of school, there are two types of children.


Demanded that the children put their toys away. At least they closed the lid.


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My nephew drew this, and his mother allowed him to hang it on the refrigerator.


The location of my son’s toothbrush.


Visited my son who is a college student. His porch furniture is shown here.


How my younger brother consumed this.



Purchased a gaming chair for my daughter.


My daughter was standing over me when I woke up. I’ve never felt more content (or terrified).


My daughter, age 9, found it amusing. For Father’s Day, I made some brownies.


How our young child sleeps.


The nephew of my girlfriend is playing hide and seek. A tree, he is.


After receiving tattoo markers for Christmas, my 6-year-old vanished for 30 minutes. We are unable to make it come off.


My daughter received an 8-pronged ponytail from my son.


The paper towels were discovered.


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