Have you ever seen a cat trying to please his/her human? Cats are so good looking that they do not have to take much effort to look beautiful and charming. The random poses give you the idea of being creative. Recently, a subreddit ‘Minimal Cat Art’ shared an artistic version of teh photographs that were submitted by people.

If you want to be a part of the subreddit, share your cat pictures, the subreddit “intended to be silly, under-detailed representations of cats, which are made funnier or more cute due to their crudeness of technique and/or lack of detail.”

Minimal Cat Art is a newly-launched subreddit (inspired by this Reddit post) that anyone can do. Just add your cat drawings to join!

Redditors are getting inspired by their felines and creating cat drawings.

The subreddit is called Minimal Cat Art, and it challenges you to distill your furry friend into a few lines.

Some interpretations make the cats look like aliens…

…while some are more realistic.

They invite anyone to join, so submit your own cat drawing!