Everyone loves to come across some interesting facts which sweep them off their feet. These are these fine points of trivia that never cease to amaze us. No matter how many thought-provoking facts you learn, there is always more of it. And probably it won’t stop.

A little while ago, Reddit user RyanBlitzpatrick asked the users of r/AskReddit to share some mind-blowing facts – and you better believe they did! The post received over 3.5k replies and is an absolute goldmine of trivia.

Here are a handful of interesting facts that we came across.


When you dream, one part of your brain is making up the story, and another part is experiencing those events and is genuinely surprised by all the twists in the plot.


On November 2, 2000, all the humans were on the planet together. Since then at least one person has been on the International Space Station.


If time travel were possible, you would need a time-and-space-machine to survive the trip, otherwise, when you traveled back in time, the planet would be at a different point in its rotation around the sun and our solar system would be at a different point in space as it rotates, which means you’d travel back in time and be in an empty part of space


Long ago in 2006, we witnessed the death of two colossally old tortoises. The first, Harriet, was reportedly collected by Charles Darwin when he visited the Galápagos on the HMS Beagle. She belonged to Steve Irwin at the time of her death. Charles Darwin and Steve Irwin shared a “pet.” Estimated to have lived 176 years.

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The second, Adwaita, was born before the United States declared its independence from England. Think of it: just 14 years ago, there was a land creature alive that was older than our country. Just incredible.


Martin Luther King, Jr. and Anne Frank were born in the same year.

Also, that same year, Betty White was already 7 years old.


It’s a fact that some of the people don’t have an inner voice. It’s a tad unsettling to imagine someone without their inner voice.


Krakatoa volcanic eruption in 1883 made such a loud sound that it ruptured eardrums of people 40 miles away. It travelled around the world four times and was clearly heard 3,000 miles away.

That’s like you standing in New York and hearing a sound from San Francisco.


That the Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire.


Methuselah is the oldest living tree in the world. It’s 4851 years old.


A woman once jumped off the 86th floor of the Empire State Building but the wind pushed her back and she fell on a ledge on the 85th floor. She survived.


Surprisingly, all the people don’t see all the colors the same way.


The International Space station is closer to the earth than San Francisco is to L.A.

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If an underwater bubble is collapsed by a loud sound, light is produced and no one knows why.


There are people who don’t music at all. Like music as a whole. It’s disturbing!


The U.S government has an official for a Zombie apocalypse. CONPLAN 8888 also known as Counter-Zombie Dominance was written in 2011. And just in case you think it’s weird bureaucratic humor, the first line reads, ‘This plan was not actually designed as a joke.’


Ant biologists still don’t know the maximum life span of most ant queens. They just live too long to keep track, and they’re not too easy to keep in captivity. The longest one on record is like 30 years old, and there could easily be species that live longer than that.


A neutron star is so dense that a teaspoon of material from one would weigh around 10 million tons


People can’t get over the fact that Teddy Roosevelt gave a three-hour speech even after being shot by a stalker.


There are more trees on the Earth than there stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. It’s in fact confirmed by NASA.


Strawberries aren’t berries. But bananas are.


The Fermi Paradox

There are other planets in the galaxy like Earth which are potentially habitable. So it’s strange that signs for aliens’ existence aren’t detected yet.

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There are lots of theories as to why that is, but my favorite is called the great silence Dark Forest. Basically everyone else out there is being quiet and not transmitting because they know of some danger that we are unaware of, and they don’t want it to find them. Gives me chills.


A pig can eat a whole human body except for the teeth.


The fact that how much a computer can do is amazing. It blows my mind how 1’s and 0’s can do so much.


If the timeline of the universe (up to now) was compressed into a year starting on new year’s day, Homo sapiens would appear at 11:54 pm on December 31st


It’s mindblowing the way the human brain works. These cells that are powered by tiny jolts of electricity are collectively having conscious thoughts, coming up with morals and empathy and every human behavior