Do you remember the last time when you ate way too much and you couldn’t sleep because of that bad stomachache? Maybe you do because, for most of us, overeating is a daily incident. But it seems like it’s not just humans who are guilty of this overeating. 

Just like us, even cute dogs got temped by food and ate way too much. And now, they can’t move. So, what are they doing? Well, they are taking a tight nap on the plate and in the box of pizza that they are guilty of eating. 

If you also want to see how dogs instantly regret their poor life choices, scroll down because we have found 12 adorable puppies who are not happy with what they have just done. 

#1 This is what happens when you come out of a buffet dinner.

#2 The look on his face clearly says that he is regretting eating that last bite.

#3 There is nothing such as too much pizza and there never will be.

#4 I think the face after that pun says it all.

#5 When you want to get that last bit in the glass but it isn’t moving.

#6 I don’t think this puppy will be able to finish his kibble.

#7 That is the face that perfectly represents food coma.

#8 This is how you sit when you want the food to go down but your jeans are too tight.

#9 When you fall asleep halfway through your lunch.

#10 He is clearly dreaming of more delicious treats.

#11 When you realize today is the day your diet starts and you wonder how you get here.

#12 You overeat a few times in the middle of the night and one day you woke up like this.