Every gamer’s collection must have The Sims. Who doesn’t enjoy playing God in a game? Players are able to build homes, raise families, and manage their own small worlds thanks to the game’s numerous updates and expansions, or at least that’s what they’re meant to do.

Fans of this famous computer game shared the strangest things they had ever done with their Sims on Reddit. These tales, which range from humorous blunders to nefarious schemes, will make you want to find your nearest console and start playing The Sims nonstop.


Weeping over a stolen pizza.

From user hotbutteredtoast on Reddit:

My sim discreetly called up for a pizza while I was famished. I ordered him to put it in the trash when it was delivered. He started crying after that.


Reddit user /u/connain posted: “One toilet and no doors.”

I made the decision to conduct a “social experiment” because I was in a mischievous mood. My home was quite plain. In essence, it was a sizable square with plain, windowless walls and a single door. Once I had the entire neighborhood shut inside, I blocked off the sole exit.

A solitary toilet was located in the exact middle of the home, along with one refrigerator. I was interested in discovering which Sims would shamelessly discharge themselves in public view. Most people opted not to.

As everyone moved away from the walls, I would gradually close them, shoving everyone toward the lone toilet. The entire community was gathered in a small, cramped area, all fed and in need of the bathroom but almost too embarrassed to use it. They were all longingly gazing toward the toilet. Many people were erect in puddles. Woe to those who passed out.


From Redditor /u/badcollin, the husband paints his wife’s affairs:

One of my Sims wanted to spend the night with ten different people. She was married to an artist. He spent all of his time painting in his studio, which also housed a bed. He was totally devoted to his work. I had him paint the scene in the bedroom each time she had a lover over. He rarely left his studio, so he never caught her, but the entire while, he was painting her betrayal without realizing it. These artworks are obviously hung throughout the house.


Trapped With A Hamster.

Reddit user /u/vsanna wrote:

I created a man who had an obsession with cleanliness. Removed the door and placed him in a very strange small house with a wedding buffet and a hamster or something. He eventually lost his mind due to a lack of cleanliness and grief for the murder of his small mouse friend, and as the banquet spoiled, he starved to death. I placed the urn that resulted in the room. I then went through the same situation numerous times, leaving the urns in the room each time. The tenth incarnation of this person eventually stays up all night, every night, afraid of a procession of his own ghosts.


Black Widow.

From a previous Reddit user:

On the day of the wedding, I would lock him up in the cellar and essentially starve him. I created a female sim named Black Widow who would marry guys. There were perhaps twenty urns in her underground graveyard. Since she possessed the “good” characteristic, it would actually benefit her as well, therefore I didn’t even do it for the money (I would donate it all).


Lackluster Party Room.

From user /u/AlexSushiDog on Reddit:

I purchased a huge mansion and made some changes to it. Modifications include a space dubbed “The Party Room.”

A gorgeous sports car was parked in the middle of the party area, which featured dance floors, lots of food, and music. What might possibly fail?

I threw a party, phoned everyone I knew there, and invited them all. The doors suddenly closed, ushering in a nightmare hell.

The strobe lighting started, the stereos all changed to that irritating kids’ music, and the fireplaces were set up. Doors mysteriously vanished.

For around two weeks in-game, at least 30 sims had to put up with things like fire, famine, piss-covered flooring, strobe lighting, children’s music, windows that looked out to freedom, ghosts, and rotten food.


Redditor /u/Noopyscroopsmcdoops’ Painful Maze

Huge two-story maze, with a toilet on the top floor and a refrigerator in the middle of the bottom floor. The maze took 48 Sim days to navigate.


Fantastic Dog, Terrible Human by Reddit user /u/funmenjorities:

I had a fantastic dog named AJ that was adored by the entire family in Makin’ Magic. He never had a bad day and gave his owners unbridled joy. To make AJ feel even more like a member of the family, I made the decision to hone my wizardry and learn the spell that could transform dogs into people.

We had to take care of him because he turned out to be the most f*cking a**bag and was abusive to his family. I constructed a gigantic mausoleum and imprisoned him there. He was slowly starving as the family played music to him from outside.


From Reddit user /u/BjorkinFolkvangr, Tired of the Pool:

To make it appear as though everything was on an island, I built a home with many swimming pools.

My sims’ life were spent in a state of chronic tiredness due to their constant need to swim in order to eat, sleep, potty, play basketball, and do other activities.


Redditor u/WolfGirl7777’s Amazonian Challenge:

The Amazonian Challenge in Sims 4 was something my friend and I completed. We had to purchase the largest lot, create 4 girls, build small houses on the lot, and construct a sex dungeon. In a nutshell, the task was to seduce men off the street, imprison them in a sex prison, have a baby, and then use them as slaves (for maintenance, labor, etc.) for the rest of their life.