Are you an animal lover?

Ben Hed from Minnesota is a talented artist who works on these pet comics and publishes his work. Pet Foolery on Instgram is the page that you all must follow to check out these fun and adorable comics about different animals. To get a glips of what you can expect on Pet Foolery, you can scroll down and take a look at these images.

Quality going down.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Not again.

Can I keep a human?

This is terrifying.

Intelligent possum.

The difference.

Poor hairless cat.

Loyal dogs.



Dog logic.

Ugly duckling.

Chew treat.

Lola and Mr. Wrinkles.

Ghosts and dogs.


Puns, puns.

Genie’s forbidden wishes.

The big red cat.

It’s coming!

Sphynx cat.

Lap dog.

So graceful.




Red riding hood.

Hairy Hugo.


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