When you get home from work, you see that everyone has forgotten about you. And someone will give you a lot of advice, like saying that your problems are like the dust on the bottom of your shoes. But we all agree that it would be great if everything were always this easy. Life is not a dream, though. It’s not easy to get through life’s hard times. A work vehicle caught on fire, someone’s arm got stuck in a metal door at work, someone painted a wall with dental floss, etc. Even if the weather is nice, they might make you feel bad.

Here are 20 funny pictures that show that having a bad day is still awesome, just in a different way. Remember that bad things are not nearly as scary as many people think. It is a normal part of life these days. Life is like a maze, and that’s how you’ll find your way out. You can see them by scrolling down and laughing. Enjoy!


This is called a “personal terrace” in the description of a $1,000-a-month apartment.


The owner of the apartment wouldn’t fix a hole in the ceiling for months.


Today, my work truck caught on fire. Home is two hours away.


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They should have started at the bottom and worked their way up.


This person got their arm caught in a metal door at work.


I wanted to iron my jacket, but I forgot there was a bar of dark chocolate in the pocket.


During the renovation of our apartment, someone painted on the wall with dental floss!


People lived with their brother, who hadn’t paid their rent for six months.


This is a nice place to take a pic


This person had to clean up after customers who were the worst.


Can’t even have some ice cream these days.


I was trying to reheat breakfast when I heard a high-pitched whirr and a pop. My microwave was on fire.


Do you want to see what God did to me today?


Rip my ice cream.


My landlord said he cleaned the apartment before I moved in today, but I don’t believe him.


Someone broke a lot of plates that were needed for an event.


What happened when I put the two yogurt cups in different places for breakfast?


Yesterday, a blizzard opened the main door to my garage.


I just want to know who needs a chair of this size.


Before we got on the plane, she traded me the window seat.