The New Orleans Pelicans power forward Zion Williamson is likely to get traded to the Golden State Warriors this offseason. The Warriors are trying to find out what went wrong for them last season so that they can fix the errors and win another championship in the upcoming season. They are one of the teams which are not needed to make many changes.

The Warriors won a title in 2022 and were on their way to winning another before the Lakers knocked them out of the tournament. They are on a dream run and they would like to win another title before it comes to an end. Can the 23-year-old Zion do it for them? Here is all the information you need about the trade between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Golden State Warriors involving Zion Williamson.

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Zion Williamson, Pelicans' Zion Williamson Trade To The Warriors In Bold Proposal
Zion Williamson might get traded to the Warriors this offseason

What would the Warriors offer for Zion Williamson?

The Warriors are expected to offer Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody, and a first-round pick in exchange for the Pelicans’ #1. Injuries have been a major concern for the player and the Pelicans as well. That is probably the reason they would like to trade him off. The Warriors are offering good returns. Will the Pelicans accept the deal?

How did Zion Williamson perform last season?

The Duke Blue Devils product played 29 games for the Pelicans last season and averaged 26 points per game. He also managed to have 4.6 assists and 7 rebounds per game while shooting 36.8 percent from beyond the arc. Amid all the rumors, the Pelicans’ vice president recently told the media that they have a good relationship with the player and it has always been that way.

Why would the Warriors like to sign Zion Williamson?

The Warriors know the talent Williamson possesses. The two NBA All-Star would have been one of the best stats-wise as well if not for the injuries. A starting lineup consisting of Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Zion Williamson, and Draymond Green would be scary for the opponents.

Will the Warriors manage to win another title this season? How will the Pelicans use the assets they are going to get? We’ll keep you updated.