The American singer and performing actress by the name of Zendaya first started working as a child model and backup dancer. Disney channel’s comedy show Shake It Up was the first time her presence on the silver screen was noticed. She played the role of Rocky Blue on this sitcom.

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Zendaya’s Early career

Zendaya net worth money9 years later, Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman’s net worth has only risen. Reports have suggested that the model is worth 6 million dollars as of 2019.

Besides acting, she is also involved in tours that are conducted all over the world. As a result, her early earnings increased from a reported $1.5 million in 2014 to nearly two million dollars in 2019.

Moreover, the actress also starred in several huge shows at such a young age. Earlier she was limited to Disney Channel but the past few years have seen her climb to the bigger screen as well as expanding beyond children’s shows.

After Disney

Zendaya net worth moneyShe won several awards for her performance as Rocky Blue in Disney TV show. During the three years that she worked on the channel, she is reported to have earned at least $140,000. After that, she featured in a Disney movie called Frenemies in 2012 for which she was paid $284,000.

She then went on to work in several films like Pranksters, Super Buddies, and Dig Down Deeper. She also performed as a candidate in Dancing With The Stars in 2013 where she won second place. She is now a part of the Spiderman franchise.

As a result of her multi-talented endeavors, she is now worth at least 6 million dollars.