This article will discuss the ending of Your Honor Season 2 Episode 10, “Chapter Twenty.” The report will contain spoilers, so proceed cautiously if you haven’t watched the episode yet.


The finale of Your Honor Season 2 is filled with drama, from a court case to a hostile takeover to an attempted murder. Despite not making much sense on paper, the show delivered a tense and riveting close to the second season.

As implied in Episode 9, Michael was subpoenaed to appear in the trial of Eugene Jones. Despite his reluctance, he kept his promise to Lee and told the truth without lying on her behalf. Michael saw Eugene shoot his son Adam and recognized him because he had let Eugene’s mother off for some minor infraction. During the conversation, Eugene mentioned looking after his younger brothers and sometimes even his mother. He said drinking pickle juice and ate cereal because they couldn’t cook. His mother was behind on the bills, and they had no gas for weeks. The jury, including Fia Baxter, realizes that the explosion that killed Eugene’s family was not an accident.

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Michael’s truthfulness on the stand means he’s also truthful about Adam being the car’s driver that killed Rocco Baxter, the first FIA hears of it, and his role in covering up the crime. Ultimately, he can’t save himself from returning to prison.

Is Eugene Found Innocent or Guilty?

During Eugene’s trial, Olivia is moved by his story and offers to put him into federal protective custody as a witness. However, Lee clarifies that Eugene doesn’t know anything substantive about the Baxters’ operations, and Olivia decides to get him out of New Orleans anyway. The case becomes a federal matter, and the trial is discontinued. As he leaves, Eugene walks away with a new life and identity and hugs Lee and Olivia warmly.

Is Jimmy Baxter Dead?

Gina sees the perfect opportunity to finally kill her husband, Jimmy, who has leverage over her. She was adamant about sending the Jones family a message, facilitated the death of Kofi in prison, and pushed Jimmy into blowing up the family home. She tells Carmine that Jimmy intends to snitch, so Carmine shoots him in the hotel hallway. Gina immediately calls the police to report it, sending dad off to jail since he told her she’d never be able to take the reins of the family business. With Jimmy and Carmine out of the way, Gina makes a deal with Big Mo, which Jimmy rejects earlier in the episode. However, the final scenes reveal that Jimmy Baxter is alive in the hospital.

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Why Does Fia Leave Without Rocco?

Fia is betrayed when Michael reveals that Adam was driving the car that killed her brother. She realizes that her entire family knew this and blew up a mother and her children. She cannot allow baby Rocco to be involved with her family, loses trust in Michael and Elizabeth, and leaves with Rocco.

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In conclusion, the ending of Your Honor Season 2 Episode 10 tied up loose ends while leaving some room for further development in the next season. The finale was intense, with unexpected twists and turns that kept the audience on the edge of their seats.