Every day so many dogs get abandoned and are left at the kill shelter house. It literally breaks our heart to see these cuties helplessly living in such a place. Well, this story is also of a dog that was left at a high-kill shelter near Dallas, Texas by her family. 

This Blue Lacy dog was spayed, microchipped, and had all her shots. But still, her family decided to abandon her. And in such a difficult situation, if there was one thing that was comforting this dumped dog, it was her teddy bear. 

After that, Jennifer Jessup, an independent dog rescuer saw this dog and asked her brother to look out for her. They even arranged a temporary shelter home for Blue Lacy.

“She was so scared, and she was just clinging to it,” Jessup told the Dodo. “It was the only thing she had.”

“She is calming down slowly, and he is … giving her lots and lots of affection and quiet time,” Jessup said. “He’s in love!”