Do you know what’s sad? It’s the fact that even though we have evolved a lot, we still can’t stop complimenting dads for doing basic parent jobs. So, when they do something normal as a dad like giving time to their kid, we praise them. 

It’s high time we need to understand that dads are not babysitters but are full-valued parents. And also, we should stop praising them for giving basic attention to their kids because “we would never say that to a woman”. 

Keira Knightley has always been saying things about parent equality and she is back again. 

She has always advocated for equal parenting

“Why do we not engage men in that conversation? Why do we not expect a working man to be looking after their children as much as their partner is? Why do we assume that they don’t feel guilty about not spending enough time with their children as well?”

Fathers seem to be praised for the minimum effort

“It’s really rare to see a guy at a children’s [daycare], and if he is, people say, ’Ooh, what a lovely dad. Look at him looking after his own children,’” Knightley notes. “You would never say that to a woman.

“We really need to start asking men about what their role within the childcare situation is, how much of that they take on, and expect them to take on that responsibility,” Knightly states. “We expect women to take on that responsibility, and yet for some reason, we give men a free pass.”

Many other mothers also see the issue

“While I’m the parent who has remained at home, caring for our children and feeding them emotionally, physically, and spiritually, their father is praised for simply showing up to see them. All parents should be recognized for their efforts, regardless of the situation, but these different expectations are dangerous and unfair.”

This perspective diminishes the role of caring fathers as well.