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You Vs Wild season 2 release date: Producer hints Bear Grylls return on Netflix?

You Vs Wild season 2

You Vs Wild released on Netflix last week on April 10 with 8 episodes in the first season and fans are already speculating about a possible second installment.


An interactive adventure

You vs. Wild

The interactive series stars Bear Grylls in some of the harshest conditions and inhabitable locations on the planet, where users are expected to make choices ensuring Grylls’ survival. You vs Wild season 1 received a huge response on the online streaming platform, and rumor mills are already churning.

Although fans are hoping Netflix will recommission the show, there has been no update from the streaming platform regarding a possible second season. One of the reasons could be that Netflix is still waiting to analyze the viewing figures of the show.

Producer Robert Butcha said that although there were many challenges while shooting for the show, he looks forward to doing more. He added, “I really liked the challenges.” He also said that there are still many places for Grylls to explore.

What would You vs Wild season 2 look like

You Vs WildIf Netflix does renew You Vs Wild season 2, we can expect a second season with 8 episodes next year. The show will follow the same format. Grylls will go on missions and the viewers will decide his fate.

You Vs Wild was released in the interactive format after the wild support that Bandersnatch received. The Black Mirror special episode was based on a similar format.

All 8 episodes of You Vs Wild can be streamed on Netflix now.

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