Even though they can’t express their feelings in words, there are surely the most expressive ones. Animals of all kinds have immense love for their human. They will make sounds to grab your attention, they will cuddle with you to show their love, and sometimes even do some weird things just to make you feel happy. You can’t ignore them and that is what brings your true emotions out. People shared their experience on the Internet and we have got some for you. These images truly show the pure love between an animal and their human. Scroll down to take a look at these images and you will fall in love with animals.

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1. I hate goodbyes.

Don’t you dare leave me and go.

2. You don’t have to be sad, I’m here for you.

The dog owner is stressed. so he decided to give her a warm hug

3. This cockatoo has been missing her owner.

The love and attachment here is just beyond words.

4. A big kiss.


5. Isn’t that ADORABLE!?

Let’s cuddle all our life!

6. She wanted to hug the horsie and that’s what the horsie did.

She wanted to hug the horse, so he just bent over.

7. Why aren’t you giving me any attention, hooman?

Don’t look out of the window, I need all the attention human.

8. Damn, she likes me. I should ask her out on a date.

The dog owner clicked a picture of his dog and his fiance and this is how the dog gave his approval.

9. Cows can be really friendly too!

The feeling of notification on the cows face.

10. Where have you been, hooman?

Mommy, where have you been? Don’t leave me alone ever.

11. He didn’t want to let go off me.

World fall short to express the emotion in this beautiful picture.

12. My cat is just waiting for the bus with my son.

Are you going? Come back soon brother.

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13. Tell me I’m pretty.

Yes you are beautiful my baby!

14. YAYYY you’re home, my hooman!

That excitement and love they have for you when you return home is uncomparable.