Yasuka Maezawa’s Tweet is the most Retweeted Tweet of all Time

    Florida wants to build SpaceX and Blue Origin three extra rocket landing pads
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    Maezawa will Share $1M Between a hundred People 

    A Japanese billionaire has reportedly ousted a US teenager who has been reportedly seeking a chicken nugget by becoming Twitter’s most retweeted tweet since its inception.

    The tweet which Yusaku Maezawa shared on 5th January 2019 has become the most tweeted tweet on Twitter. Maezawa’s tweet has reportedly been shared for over four million times so far.

    space x will fly the Japanese billionaire to go around the moon

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    Yasuka Maezawa’s tweet was shared half a million times than Carter Wilkerson request tweet back in 2017. Carter Wilkerson’s tweet was related to people helping him to secure himself about a year of free chicken nuggets from one of the popular fast food chain Wendy’s.

    A billionaire who wants to reach to the Moon

    The reason why Yasuka Maezawa’s tweet was shared a lot of time is that it offers some amount of incentive to the people who intended to share his post.

    Yasuka Maezawa is the founder of Japanese online clothing retailer called Zozo Inc. who has reportedly promised to share around 100m yen which is approximately about $925,000 and as far as Euros are concerned it is about £725,000 among 100 randomly selected people who have shared the tweet.

    The post of Maezawa appeared to be in celebration of Zozotown, his website. Zozotown has reportedly made 10bn yen as far as the sales are concerned over the winter holidays, i.e., Christmas and New Year.

    Yusaku Maezawa and Elon Musk

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    He was Famous before he was a billionaire

    Maezawa first came into prominence in the public eyes as a drummer in a punk band called Switch Style. Nevertheless, Maezawa had reportedly made his fortune in the fashion world. It is believed that the moon-raker has personal wealth which is close to $3 billion and he lavishly spends his money on art.

    Maezawa became famous in the western world during late one year the moment he was named as the first of the private passenger who will be flown around the moon by SpaceX. SpaceX is owned by another famous visionary and billionaire, Elon Musk.

    Yasuka Maezawa and his forthcoming SpaceX trip

    The amount of price that Mr. Maezawa has agreed to pay for booking the ticket that he will take him to space hasn’t yet been disclosed lately. However, Elon Musk said that Maezawa paid SpaceX a lot of money to take him beyond the earth and into the moon.

    On the other hand, Mr. Maezawa has disclosed his plans of traveling to outer space. Maezawa will fly to the moon with a group of artists. The spacecraft is dated to take off in the year 2023.

    Carter Appeared on Ellen Show after the incident with free chicken nuggets

    The Sun

    Carter Wilkerson and his chicken nuggets

    Back in 2017, Carter Wilkerson asked Wendy’s how many retweets he needs to get a year’s worth of free chicken nuggets. And the fast-food chain replied 18 million.

    Then Wilkerson went on to get retweets over 3.5 million. Given that Wilkerson didn’t reach the target, Wendy’s gave him free chicken nuggets for a year anyway.

    Source: BBC, Business Insider

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