Xiaomi To Unleash the first 5G Phone In October!


    A new Xiaomi phone is about to be unleashed in the market. The latest flagship phone- the Mi Mix 3, has been leaked quite a number of times, but now Xiaomi finally gave us a teaser revealing two of the major features of their upcoming smart phone.

    The Mi Mix 3 is going to the first ever phone to have 10GB memory. This is way much more than the memory of the maximum number of laptops available in the market.

    Source- Gadget Match

    The second and an even better feature which was confirmed is the 5G connectivity. The first ever widely known phone to be 5G capable will be Mi Mix 3. Although a majority of the customers won’t be able to use that benefit for now, but it will enable Xiaomi to establish the already existing domination in the market.

    The rest features are yet to be revealed. The new Mi Mix 3 is teased as a phone which combines art with technology. The smartphone is set to be officially announced on 25 October in Beijing, giving us the clear indication that it will first available in China.

    Source- Gadget Match

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