XBOX One Streaming Issues

Xbox One users from across the world are facing a problem which seems to have no official solution as of now. These console owners have said that they are having a hard time watching 4K quality videos on YouTube, adding that the screen keeps freezing from time to time! This is a problem that has affected tens of thousands of users from all over and is likely to be fixed by YouTube/Microsoft shortly.

XBOX One 4K Content streaming
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Let us take a closer look at what the issue is and how it can be fixed temporarily:

YouTube 4K Videos Freezing on Xbox One?

One of the best parts about the gen-next One X Console is that not only can it easily allow the users to play games in 4K @60 FPS, it can also allow them to watch YouTube videos at a 4K resolution. However, users are complaining that the 4K videos are freezing and lagging.

XBOX One YouTube Freeze
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Reports point out that users are facing a freeze in the video while the audio keeps playing in the background leading to an unpleasant viewing experience. The complaints of some users have gone beyond just YouTube! Here’s a look:

Netflix Videos Too Freezing?

According to some reports, it is not just YouTube but other streaming apps which are also facing a similar problem. The likes of Netflix are also freezing and users are having a hard time streaming content.

XBOX One Netflix Freeze
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It keeps freezing and lagging from time to time. Users have to either downgrade the quality to 1080p, or keep restarting the app! Microsoft is aware of this problem and a fix is likely to come out soon.