LG came up with new research which states that the Xbox gamers are far better than the PC and PS4 gamers. LG says the study comes forward because of the reaction ability.

The press release states that LG has conducted a test in association with Activision. In the research, over 1,400 gamers participated in the Elite Reaction Test of the Company. What were the results of the test?

Accuracy test of PC Gamers

Accuracy of PC gamers are much less then others.
PC gamers vs Xbox Gamers vs PlayStation 4 gamers. Credits: VGVIDS

The study claims that the PC gamers have the worst reaction accuracy upon comparing them to the people playing in Xbox. The player belonging to the latter team generally has to click on the specific targets as fast as possible.

LG put some tests for the users to click on a few targets. These targets fade from green colour to red colour as fast as possible. The PC games scored an average reaction accuracy of 67.7 per cent. And the Xbox players came up with an average reaction score with 77.1 per cent.

LG’s accuracy test

Xbox leads the game in gaming.
LG Study Claims That Xbox Gamers Are “Better”. Credits: Fortress of Solitude

The test focused on distinguishing factors such as Targets hit, Accuracy, Targets missed, etc. LG conducted the test to notice how quickly over 1,400 test participants hit the targets.

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The Xbox players lead the Targets hit test with 78 percent of the clicks on target. The PlayStation users made up to 74 percent and the PC gamers were at the lowest with 70 percent.

Given that the PC gamers hit only a few targets, they lead the test in the quickest to react section. The PC gamers hit 18% more targets compared to the Xbox players who only hit 9% of the green targets.

The overall test result

Final test indicates that console gamers have better reaction time than PC gamers.
Console gamers have better reaction time than PC gamers. Credits: Mic

The test results came up with a conclusion that the console gamers have the best of the reactions/twitchiness. The average twitchiness of Xbox gamers was 79.7 percent. The PS gamers had 71.9 percent whereas the PC gamers were stuck with the lowest score – 62.1 percent.

The test has put a lot of gamers in a strange nostalgic dilemma. But LG has given results no one ever expected.

Source: Daily StarGame Rant