XBOX Game Pass April 2019 6 Games Added

XBOX has been working towards improving its game pass’ for quite some time now. The console now offers a large selection of exciting games for those who subscribe to the monthly game pass. XBOX Game Pass for April 2019 has some special names for the subscribers! It was recently announced that six more games are being added for April 2019.

XBOX Game Pass April 2019
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Let us take a closer look at the new additions for the holders of the Game Pass and understand what the benefits of the pass are.

XBOX Game Pass for April 2019: New Names Added

Some of the most popular games are joining the list this month! Games such as “Prey” and “Monster Hunter World” are being added to the game pass, along with four others. In addition to these games, Golf Club 2 is also being added to the game pass.

XBOX Game Pass April 2019 New Games
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Another interesting name that joins the mix is that of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. The game is based on, as the name suggests, the popular TV show of the same name. ‘Life is Strange 2: Episode 2’ is also being added for XBOX Game Pass holders. The last game to be added this month would be Resident Evil 5.

What is the XBOX Game Pass?

XBOX Game Pass April 2019 Microsoft
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For those who may not be aware of this, the game pass allows gamers on the XBOX console to get access to a Netflix-like library of games. It charges $10 a month and allows the user to play any game of their choice. There are over 100 games available on it at the moment.