Undertaker vs Goldberg WWE SUperSHowdown

WWE Super ShowDown was WWE’s annual event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The night had many exciting matches ranging from Triple H vs Randy Orton to Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon. However, the highlight of the night was Undertaker vs Goldberg – a match which no one saw coming, and yet when it happened, it got everyone excited!

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WWE Super ShowDown undertaker vs Goldberg
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Let us take a closer look at the results of this match – and what is next for the deadman after the match.

Undertaker vs Goldberg: Fans Upset With The Match

While The Undertaker emerged victorious over Bill Goldberg at their match in Super ShowDown, fans were upset with the match quality. Given that both the men are over 50 years of age, it was a slow match where botched moves led to dangerous spots which could have potentially had a severe impact on their health.

Undertaker vs Goldberg WWE
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The Undertaker vs Goldberg match also saw Goldberg getting busted open early on and he had a huge crimson mask on his face! It is a rare sight on WWE TV and was quite unsettling to watch for many fans as Goldberg’s blood spilled all over the ring.

What’s Next for The Undertaker?

Undertaker vs Goldberg Wrestling Match
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Now that The Undertaker vs Goldberg match is done and dusted, one can only wonder what’s next for the deadman. Will he hang around for longer, or was this his final battle? The deadman has been criticized for his deteriorating match quality over the years and is likely to retire over the course of this year. Could Wrestlemania 2020 be his swansong? Stay tuned to find out.