WWE Stomping Grounds John Cena Sasha Banks Aleister Black

WWE Stomping Grounds is WWE’s next PPV event which takes place on Sunday, the 23rd of June. The PPV comes right after Super ShowDown and doesn’t really have a lot of build-up to it. However, WWE is all set to pull off some major surprises at the event in the form of returning superstars. Here is a list of people who might just turn up at the show:

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WWE Stomping Grounds PPV
Image WWE
Aleister black

The former NXT Champion hasn’t really done much since debuting on the main roster apart from a few tag matches with Ricochet. Black has been cutting promos on how he is waiting for an opponent – and this call for an opponent is finally expected to be answered at WWE Stomping Grounds.

Bray Wyatt WWE Stomping Grounds
Image PWMania

Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House has been a good segment, but we’ve had too much of it already, and it is about time he gets a proper rivalry with someone. Will it be an interference in the Samoa Joe vs Richochet match? We’ll find out.

AJ Styles

We’ve seen that AJ Styles has been talking to Gallows and Anderson again. It is expected that Styles is going to turn heel and re-form The Club. It will be interesting to see if this happens at WWE Stomping Grounds.

Sasha Banks WWE Stomping Grouinds
Image FOX Sports Asia
Sasha Banks

‘The Boss’ has been upset with WWE for quite some time and even followed AEW on Twitter. Interestingly, she has been off  TV since. Now that her former tag-team partner and best friend Bayley is in a major program, will Banks return?

John Cena

Cena does what Cena wants. Does Cena want to return? We’ll find out at WWE Stomping Grounds.