Heading into WWE Stomping Grounds, which is all set to take place in just a few hours, the biggest intrigue that WWE has managed to create about the show is – who will be the guest referee in the match between Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin. As of this writing, these five are the strongest contenders to being the guest referee:

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WWE Stomping Grounds PPV Event Guest Referee Paul Heyman
Image Sporting News
Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman has clearly stated that he won’t be the guest referee at the Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin match. However, this adds to the fact that WWE might just be planning a swerve here and wants us to count him out before they can introduce him in the match as a surprise.


A returning John Cena at WWE Stomping Grounds as the guest referee would be an interesting way to propel him into the WWE Universal Championship scene. Could it possibly be him?

WWE Stomping Grounds PPV Event Guest Referee Brock Lesnar


Given that Lesnar holds the Money In The Bank briefcase, there is a good chance that it might just be him who becomes the guest referee in this match and cashes-in his contract over whoever wins the match.


Given that Shane’O Mac has been inserting himself into every storyline and that Baron is his ‘sidekick’, he might just be the guest ref and interfere in this match at WWE Stomping Grounds.

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WWE Stomping Grounds PPV Event Guest Referee Kurt Angle
Image The Chairshot

Given that Angle had his retirement match against Baron Corbin, could Angle return to screw him over in the Universal Championship match at WWE Stomping Grounds? That would be an interesting thing to see.