WWE Stomping Grounds Has a Major Surprise, AJ Styles to turn Heel and Revive The Club

    WWE Stomping Grounds AJ Styles Return

    WWE Stomping Grounds is all set to take place on Sunday, the 23rd of June. While this is the first time this PPV is being held, the build-up to the show hasn’t really been effective in attracting many eyeballs. Nevertheless, WWE has some interesting surprises planned for the show – which includes a major heel turn and the formation of a faction we had been waiting for a really long time!

    WWE Stomping Grounds PPV

    Image WWE

    AJ Styles is all set to make his in-ring return and along with him will be Gallows and Anderson – ‘The Club’. Let us take a closer look:

    AJ Styles to Revive The Club at WWE Stomping Grounds

    AJ Styles has been WWE’s top guy since quite a long time now. Vince has put multiple championships on him and has given him lengthy reigns even though he comes from a different company and isn’t really a ‘big guy’. However, AJ hasn’t been around for a while and hasn’t been involved in major matches.

    WWE Stomping Grounds AJ Styles Club

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    Upon his return from injury at WWE Stomping Grounds, it is expected that The Phenomenal One would be a heel and re-form The Club. As the leader of the Club, expect AJ to interrupt matches for his benefit and cause major disruptions in the show.

    AJ Styles to Interrupt the WWE Universal Championship Match?

    WWE Stomping Grounds Universal Championship Match

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    At WWE Stomping Grounds, AJ Styles is expected to interrupt the WWE Championship match between Baron Corbin and Seth Rollins and eventually enter into a program with Rollins for his Universal Title which will keep the two involved till Lesnar makes a return at Summer Slam. We’d love to watch a Lesnar vs AJ Styles rematch!

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