WWE SmackDown Live on 25 June 2019 will be the first SmackDown following the events of WWE Stomping Grounds. The show is all set to be an interesting one as it will feature the fallout from the PPV and will sow the seeds for the upcoming WWE Extreme Rules PPV which is all set to take place in just a few weeks.

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Let us take a closer look at what we can expect from the latest episode of the show.

WWE SmackDown Live Becky Lynch WWE SmackDown Live prediction
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Samoa Joe vs Kofi Kingston Storyline?

On Monday Night Raw, we saw Kofi Kingston being attacked by Samoa Joe for no apparent reason at all. It will be interesting to see if WWE is actually planning Samoa Joe vs Kofi Kingston storyline next. Could this finally be Joe’s shining moment?

WWE SmackDown Live 25 June 2019 WWE SmackDown Live prediction
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Bayley’s New Opponent

Bayley has been one of the most popular names when it comes to the women’s division on both the shows. Given that she’s had a great set of matches, she has now said that she is open for anyone who wishes to challenge her. Who would answer the hugger’s call on WWE SmackDown Live? Could it possibly be Ember Moon getting her long overdue push?

WWE SmackDown Live vs Raw Roman Reigns WWE SmackDown Live prediction
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The Shane and Roman Story Continues

The introduction of The Undertaker into the storyline between Shane McMahon vs Roman Reigns adds an interesting twist to the tale. Why is the deadman back? Why is he supporting Roman who beat him at WrestleMania? Why does Roman Reigns even need help in facing a non-wrestler like Shane? We’ll find out more on WWE SmackDown Live.