WWE Raw Reunion Results

WWE RAW  Reunion ended just minutes ago and it has got us very, very excited. Fans of the show who have been following the WWE for the past 20 years have been very excited by this and have considered this a celebration of sorts as all the superstars of the past and the present came together on one episode!

WWE Raw Reunion a Toast to RAW
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Names such as Pat Patterson and Gerry Briscoe, Hulk Hogan, Rob Van Dam, Ric Flair, The Hurricane, John Cena, Rikishi, Stone Cold Steve Austin all came back to the company for one night – and it really felt like the attitude era was back! It was a really cool moment.

WWE RAW Reunion: What Did The Legends Do?

The legends were mostly involved in backstage segments and WWE 24/7 title program. Mick Foley was involved in an angle with Bray Wyatt where he got taken out by the creepy one. Some of the legends also acted as enforcers in the matches and the DX (along with NWO) showed The Club their place.

WWE Raw Reunion Bray Wyatt Mic Foley
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Towards the end of the show they all assembled into the ring and put on ‘A Toast to Raw’ where they collectively remembered the good times they’ve had and partied on the show. Stone Cold Steve Austin came out for this segment but unfortunately,there was no segment involving him and Kevin Owens, which disappointed a lot of fans.

Twitter Reacts to WWE RAW Reunion

WWE Raw Reunion Stone Cold Steve Austin
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Here’s what social media had to say about WWE RAW Reunion – while some fans were really happy, there were others who expressed their displeasure online. Let us take a closer look: