retirement Undertaker vs Goldberg

Rumors of an Undertaker retirement have been making rounds on the internet for over the past ten years now. Ever since his series of epic matches against Shawn Michaels, the internet has been wondering if he plans to retire. However, true to his character, the deadman continues to rise time and again, pulling out match after match every year.

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Goldberg Return WWE Super ShowDown Undertaker
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As he appears on Monday Night Raw on the 3rd of June, rumors of his retirement have been put to rest once again.

The Undertaker Returns To Fight Bill Goldberg

The deadman is back in action, and he will be facing off an opponent that he has never faced off against! He is all set to face Bill Goldberg, one of the biggest stars from the WCW era. It is surprising that even after all these years, the two have never faced off against each other. What is even more surprising is that the two are still active in 2019!

Bill Goldberg Return WWE 2019
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To put things into perspective, The Undertaker is 54 years old while Goldberg is 52 years old. Goldberg has been around since the mid-90s while ‘Taker has been around since the early-90s. Collectively, the two bring over 50 years of wrestling experience into the ring!

Will The Undertaker Retire in 2020?

The Undertaker Retirement 2020
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The big question is – will The Undertaker retire in 2020? This will be his 30th year in the WWE, having made his debut at Survivor Series 1990. There’s a good chance that we are seeing the final few days of the deadman! This is what makes his match against Goldberg even more exciting.