The Undertaker vs The Fiend – two supernatural characters who are expected to soon face-off, is going to be one of the most interesting fights of the year. The problem with Undertaker is that he no longer works a proper storyline but just enters random matches, which makes it sort of boring to invest emotionally in. However, it appears that this will be his retirement storyline.

Undertaker vs The Fiend WWE SmackDown
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The Fiend is this new character that Bray Wyatt has been playing these days and he comes in with these effects where the lights go out and he just appears into the ring with a scary mask! He also uses the mandible claw as his finisher!

The Fiend vs Undertaker: Is it Happening?

As of now nothing is confirmed about it. However, WWE wants to give The Fiend more of an Undertaker-level push than a Mankind-level push. They want to make him the biggest monster in wrestling, which is why he has been attacking all the legends that have been showing up on Raw lately.

Undertaker vs The Fiend
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Interestingly, as Stone Cold Steve Austin shows up on Raw next week during the Seth Rollins vs Braun Strowman contract signing, it will be interesting to see if The Fiend actually attacks the biggest star that WWE has ever created!

Will The Fiend Retire The Undertaker?

The Undertaker Retirement Match
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Undertaker vs The Fiend is a match that is still a part of fantasy booking for most wrestling fans. However, given the way storylines are progressing in WWE – this is most likely going to happen. Moreover, this is not just going to be a single match but a series of matches following which the deadman would face his last opponent at WrestleMania and is expected to retire forever!

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