Too hip to retire! Meet the world’s oldest gymnast, Johanna Quaas.  In 2012, she received the Guinness World Records title of The Oldest Gymnast. Johanna is here to break the stigma attached to old age. She started out as a physical education teacher and is now breaking world records. The 97-year-old was born in Germany. Moreover, the gymnast took part in her first competition at the mere age of 9. She credits her success to her parents who weren’t gymnasts themselves. Her first claim to fame was in 2012 when a YouTuber posted a video of her when she was 86 years old.

Johanna Quaas explains that the secret to this feat is a well-rounded, healthy diet. She emphasizes that one should not eat less or too much. In one of her interviews, she claims that she has no worries about her health. Moreover, she explains that she has trained her body to such an extreme that she can handle the exercises very easily. Johanna Quaas says, “I have no health worries at all. My body is trained to the point I can do all these exercises and movements comfortably. I practice gymnastics only twice per week, but every day I do an hour of some sport or exercise – usually swimming or a walk.” For her, eating greens is a must.

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Is Johanna Quaas planning to retire?

No way. Back in 2012, the oldest gymnast broadcasted her plans of not returning any time soon. She said, “No, absolutely not. If you stick with it you can definitely carry on at a high age. I’d like to still be competing when I’m 90.” Moreover, she is still going strong. She explains how she got into record-breaking. Johanna Quaas says, “I was at a championship competition, and a person in the crowd recorded a video of one of my routines. This ended up on YouTube, and got over a million views. Then Guinness World Records sent an invitation to my manager for me to appear on the Italian TV show in Rome, where I received my record.”

When asked where she keeps all of her accolades, Johanna Quaas said, “With all my other awards and memorabilia – medals, and certificates, mainly. It is next to the certificate of my win of the first German National Championship after reunification – one of the achievements I am most proud of.” The gymnast is often seen wearing her distinctive green crushed velvet leotard. Johanna Quaas can take anyone by surprise with her challenging routines on the parallel bars as she performs age-defying moves.