Blizzard Entertainment recently unveiled the new content patch for their MMORPG World of Warcraft called Rise of Azshara.

Blizzard has received major flak on how they have dealt with the last update patch titled Battle for Aezorath. Many players were not happy about the derivative story and features.

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However, with this World of Warcraft update patch Blizzard is looking to change the players perspective with new content.

What is new?

Till now all major patches only bought only one zone but Rise of Azshara is bringing two zones.

World of Warcraft

The two zones are Nazjatar and Mechagon and both are bringing and some new mechanics.

Nazjarata will give you the ability to hire combat allies and new non-playable character that will explore the zone with the players.

Mechagon will be targeted more towards building and tinkering as WoW players can use scrap to create new structures, items, and turrets that can affect the zone.


Battle for Azeroth received quite a lot of criticism for the introduction of the Heart of Azeroth system. The new update for World of Warcraft will revamp the mechanics and the abilities will be tied to the Heart of Azeroth.

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The Battle of Azeroth brought a new gameplay mode called Warfronts which players reported was very easy.

The new patch Rize of Azshara will bring a new heroic version and promises to bring more challenging gameplay.

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PvP Mode

The community manager Bornakk explained that the PvP mode will be rolled out gradually. The PvP mode is expected to be rolled out in six phases.

There will be no dishonorable kills so players can reportedly kill down their target which can be opposing players or NPC.

The first phase will bring Molten core and end with the sixth phase bringing Naxxramas.

Release Date

Blizzard received praise from their fans for keeping their promise. However, the developers have not released any information about the release date for the new patch. It is expected to be launch in summer.