World of Warcraft Classic Update Brings Dire Maul Dungeon; Gamers Unhappy

    World of Warcraft Classic Release

    World of Warcraft Classic has been around for a really short while – and it has already been gaining a lot of popularity and found itself in the middle of controversy too! The game brings back some older classic characters and storylines – however, the game is getting a new update where the Dire Maul Dungeon will be coming to WOW.

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    Let us take a closer look at this update – and also at why gamer are unhappy with the developers of this game.

    New World of Warcraft Classic Update: What Does it Bring?

    The basic idea behind WOW Classic is to take the game back to the pre-2006 era and re-build certain things from thereon. This has caught the attention of some of the longtime gamers and hardcore fans of the game. However, the game has a number of bugs and glitches which have caused great pain to the gamers. A new update to World of Warcraft Classic is coming this week where the Dire Maul Dungeon will go live.

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    For those who may not be aware, Dire Maul is a dungeon of a high level which was first introduced way back in 2005! Now that fans are queuing up for hours to play WOW Classic, the company will re-introduce this popular dungeon in their latest update. Hopefully, this update would also quash some common bugs.

    Gamers Unhappy with WOW Classic Developers?

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    Interestingly, Blizzard, the company that develops World of Warcraft Classic, has gotten some flak from the gaming community over pulling over a popular gamer from an esports tournament because of certain comments he made about the Hong Kong protests. Gamers say that his pro-democracy stance was his own opinion and that Blizzard is trying to curb free speech by doing so!


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