World of Warcraft Classic closed beta

World of Warcraft Classic has to be one of the most anticipated games of the year. Blizzard recently launched the closed beta program on 15th of May.

The fans can join this program and take a sneak peek at the possible World of Warcraft Classic. Since it is a closed beta program, it means that only a lucky few got the opportunity to test and play the game.

So if you are wondering if there a possibility to join this program answer is both, yes and no.

According to reports Blizzard is going to increase the number of the tester in the coming week. However, it will not be an open-for-all opportunity.

World of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard released a statement saying that they will fill the pool of beta tester by selecting the dedicated players who will meet their criterion.

World of Warcraft Classic closed beta program and scammers

Interestingly, some people are exploiting this situation for their monetary gains.

As reported by Blizzard, some people are claiming on the web that they have the Beta keys required to join the beta program. These crooks are selling these fake beta keys to the people on the web

Blizzard explained that the organization is not selling or distributing any Beta Keys that would allow the people to join its closed beta program.

The players who will pass the criterion of selection will receive an official email from Blizzard containing an invite.

The email will also include the installation instruction of the beta client of World of Warcraft Classic and a how-to guide to submitting the feedback to the developers.

Currently, Blizzard has announced three stress test for the Closed Beta program. The first test will happen on May 22, second on June 19 and the third on July 18.

World of Warcraft Classic Release Date

So if you are looking for the chance to enter this closed beta all you have to do is set up an active account and own a full copy of WoW. Then set up the beta opt-in under the account management option.

It should be kept in mind that doing this does not guarantee an invitation for the beta.

World of Warcraft Classic Release Date

Blizzard announced that the game will available to play on 27th of August 2019.