If you are like us, you are doing everything you can to get all of your ducks in a row before Christmas. This includes decorating, cooking, penning cards, and shopping.

Stores are full of people in the days leading up to the holiday, which makes for cramped situations and a higher chance of victimization. During the holiday season, when stores are more crowded and shoppers are more focused on the deals than the dangers behind them, there is a rise in theft.

One police department is trying to spread the word on how to deter criminals. The Windham, New Hampshire Police Department shared their advice on how female shoppers can protect their valuable property in crowded stores and parking lots.

The police department gave some helpful tips on how women can safely exit the stores with their cash and identities intact:

  • There is a holiday shopping safety tip for women. When using a shopping cart, keep your purse closed or zip-up. Secure it to the cart with a child safety belt through the strap.
  • This will help prevent someone from taking advantage of your distraction and stealing your purse. Attach a carabiner clip to your purse strap for carts that don’t have a child strap. If you clip the carabiner to the cart, your purse is more secure. Happy shopping!

That’s helpful, right?

Keeping a carabiner clip on your purse strap can help you keep your goods safe. The clips come in a variety of cute colors and designs, which means you can match them to your purse. No excuses!


More safety tips for the holidays.

During the holiday season, you should be protecting your purse, but you should also be protecting your home.

If you are going to leave town on a vacation, make sure that your home is secure. Make use of an alarm system if you have one, ask a neighbor or trusted friend to pick up your mail every couple of days, and never, make a social media post stating that your entire household has left your home.


Now, that last one might be hard to pull off. Considering that many of us don’t like the idea of “if it wasn’t posted, it didn’t happen,” but sharing this type of information with your hundreds or thousands of followers means that it could get into the wrong hands, making your home vulnerable for a burglary.

If you have the urge to post when you are out of town, wait until you get back and share your stories and photos. It is a move that will make your property safer and force you to live in the moment on your holiday vacation.

We want to hear your thoughts on holiday safety. Have you ever had your property taken from a crowded store? Do you have any suggestions on how to keep your purse safe? Before you leave on a vacation, how do you protect your home?