You might remember the recent Shiela incident, who was airlifted to safety after tripping and hurting her head while descending a mountain in Phoenix, Arizona last year. If you don’t, give the video below a try, but all you need to know for now is that while they were airlifting her, the stretcher started to spin violently. At the time, it was claimed she was unharmed by the incident, but she’s now suing Phoenix Fire Department.

What really happened?

The whole incident happened in June of 2019. Katalin and George Metro were descending Piestewa Peak, a 2,600ft mountain in Arizona when she came a cropper and knocked her noggin on the way down. Obviously, that left her pretty disoriented.


From there, they called the local fire department who decided to airlift her off the mountain – even though she told ‘em not to – and then she ended up getting really dizzy. Yeah, if you watch the footage, you’ll understand why, but she went round and round.


Apparently, she spun 174 times before coming to a stop. It’s kinda like when your old man used to wind up the swing and you’d go round for ages. Seriously, it does look kinda fun, right?

“There are times when we bring the helicopter up from the ground, it will start to spin, so we have a line attached to the basket to help prevent that. As the basket comes up and nears the helicopter, the basket will start to interact with the rotor wash of the helicopter. That is when it tends to spin. It wants to windmill.”

Turned into a joke

They’re suing for two million thanks to ‘past and future pain, discomfort, loss of enjoyment of life, mental anxiety, anguish and permanent injury’, as well as coverage for medical bills and compensation for George’s loss of consortium.’

Check out the footage by the news agency: