Every dog is special and they all deserve the same amount of love and care. However, Pepper is a little different because she needs more love. And after seeing her pictures even we can’t disagree. Also, did we mention that she came with a set of rules? Oh, yes she is pretty much spoiled and only queen of the canine world. 

Okay, so what actually happened was that Tommy Rivers agreed to look after his aunt’s cute dog for a day. He was really very excited about it but it turns out that Pepper was not any ordinary dog. It is because she has got a whole list of things or we can say rules that everyone has to follow who is taking care of her. 

The interesting thing is that some of them were so hilarious and it shows how much Tommy’s aunty loves her furry friend. Besides being hilarious, the note was quite detailed. It started something like Pepper is the prettiest girl in the world, and ends with ‘don’t you hate her cause you ain’t her’. 

Pepper is definitely very cute and the purple accessories attached to her ears and tail made her even more adorable. Also, her cute and adorable expressions. OMG! Everything is enough to make you fall in love with her. 

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In the evening, Tommy posted a lovely picture of Pepper getting ready for bed in pajamas. “You made her really happy and now she’s going to bed.” You can scroll down to see this entire thing.

When Tommy Rivers agreed to look after his auntie’s dog Pepper for a day…

The guy was surprised to find out the doggie came with a set of rules

The note she left was pretty detailed, telling everything – and more – than the nephew needed to know

People couldn’t handle that much cuteness, and asked Tommy for an update:

The Internet reacted: