Whenevr you hear the word dog, you think of a playful, happy one who is running around the house and making everyone around the happy. While the other dogs that are less talked about are those who offer their service. Service dogs are specially trained dogs who help people with disabilities. And then there are those who serve the policemen helping them to detect criminal activities. That clearly does not mean that they are not normal as other dogs. But instead we would like to say that they are extraordinary and disciplined dogs.

A woman shared a cheerful story about a policeman and a service dog that went viral on the internet. Scroll down to take a look at it.

A woman saw this cop taking selfies with his K9 and shared it on Facebook

The women was attracted to the fact the the policeman was not only clicking selfies with his dog, but also showing his the picture after every click. Gina Anzaldua Stevenson shared the adorable photo in the FB group “Dogspotting Society”, where she got 60,000 likes and was shared 47,000 times.

The cop responded by sharing the selfies

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