Crows are considered to be cunning but who knew that they were the smartest animals and could actually be friends with humans. it looks like an  Oregon woman who goes by the name u/cranne has become quite a friend to them. She shared a story about she accidentally created an army of crow bodyguards who started being defensive about her.

Read the full story below and you will find out more than what you could have expected from it.

Here is the full story shared by the Oregon woman who got concerned about her crow friends attacking the neighbors

Crows have always been associated with mounting and bad things in movies for many decades.

It turns out that these creatures are highly intelligent, something which is out of our imagination. To find out more details about them Hiptoro reached out to Steve Portugal, a comparative ecophysiologist and professor of Animal Physiology and Behaviour at Royal Holloway, University of London.

We asked him about the theory of feeding crows to which he had to say, “Firstly, bird tables and feeders need to be cleaned regularly to avoid disease transmission. Secondly, any time a wild animal becomes habituated and accustomed to humans, there is a risk they become a little comfortable in residential areas, possibly eating the wrong diet, or becoming a nuisance if they make an association between humans and food.”

“Crows, as part of the Corvid family, are highly intelligent animals,” Steve said and added that “Corvids as a group are some of the most intelligent animals on the planet.” That states that they are capable of recognizing individuals over long periods of time.

In that sense, Steve confirmed that it’s indeed possible to befriend crows as “an individual could build a relationship with crows if they interact regularly in a positive way.”

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Steve was asked was crows become aggressive overtime, to which he replied “They would build an expectation, through conditioning, that humans equal food. It’s possible, therefore, that if the crows approach a human who then doesn’t provide food, confusion then leads to aggression.”

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Researchers have recently found out that crows have the capability of forming lasting memories.

So, if you are intending to befriend a crow, your way to reach their heart is through their stomach.

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Don’t forget to maintain a safe distance from them if you are an untrained person.