Another day, another beautiful story of how stray kittens became part of a family!

This story is all about feelings of how shelterless animals become part of our family. Two tiny cats were rescued from the trash by a woman named Cathy McCaughan.  

She was passing by trash, where she heard a squeaking noise inside it. After she went towards the trash she found two adorable little kittens meowing. 

Cathy took out those little ones from the trash to rescue them and she tried everything possible she could to save their lives. It was really hard for her to save them because they were so tiny and malnourished. 

Cathy rescued and brought them home along with her and offered them good care. She treated the kittens as her own children. She use to feed them through a syringe as they were so tiny and weak. Cathy gave proper medicines for quick recovery and also spent sleepless nights taking care of them. Cathy kept them in a warm and cozy place so they could get better soon. 

She started calling them by their cute names Buttercup and Westley given by her. 

Adopting those babies was the best decision. Before these two furries, Cathy already owned other pets Gimli – her cat, and Molley – her dog. Her pets also got new friends. Since Cathy offered better care, Buttercup and Westley started getting healthy, seeing this Cathy became less anxious. Cathy was happy to see that kittens were getting better. 

She was emotionally attached to them. It’s obvious that one can get attached to those cuties. Well, after a few weeks they started walking and eating on their own. 

 Cathy shared: “I love these furballs. I love them for fighting so hard when all of the odds were against them. I love the way they crawl to my face for kisses,”

Scroll down to have a glimpse of Buttercup and Westley.

How adorable they look together!

Syringe feeding is the best feeling ever!

Animals can’t talk our language even they don’t think like humans. They only need love and love doesn’t need any medium to talk.

Gimli with Buttercup and Westley!

How adorable this little baby looks. She likes sucking fingers.

This seems really cute.

It’s not wrong to say here: Not all angels have wings!

How innocent they look.

Feeding tiny kittens!

These little kitties got their home sweet home.

Have a peaceful nap!

Thanks to Cathy for rescuing them.

We have many strangers around us with kind hearts who value the life of animals.

OMG, that is such a cute picture!

Hey Molly! Meet your new buddies.

They became part of the big family!

They sleep on the same bed!

Happy family..

Isn’t she adorable?

Kittens curled up..

You’re purrr-fect!!

Words are not enough to define the adorableness of these pictures. Cat’s are the most amicable and friendly feline buddies one could’ve in their life. They only need love.

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