It sometimes feels like some people are sent on this earth by God to take care of the furry angels. And if it’s true, Tia is definitely one of them. She is a single mother, an animal lover, and a brave woman who has saved the life of a 55-pound furry baby. 

What happened was that she and her dad decided to go on hiking so that they could enjoy each other’s company. However, they didn’t know that they are going to get an extra company while coming back. 

After three hours of hiking, the single mom suddenly spotted a heavily injured dog on the side of the trail.

While coming back, Tia and her father saw a dog who was in pain. Since they couldn’t find anyone else near by, they decided to take the dog with them as the dog was injured and was not able to walk.

Tia and her dad wanted to do everything in their power to save this poor pooch, at all costs.

When they were bringing the injured fur baby with them, they knew that they were going to face difficulty. And why not? After all, they were six hours away from the nearest village and were in the middle of nowhere.

It looks like adrenaline kicked in for Tia, as she hoisted the poor four-footer on her shoulders for what was going to be an extremely long and tough hike back to civilization.

Tia’s father is almost 76-years-old. This means that Tia had to carry the 55-pound dog on her shoulder the entire way. Also, there was no transport vehicle. So, the road to healing was not that easy.

“We decided that I would carry him down and look for help. He was pretty beat up, so he couldn’t walk,” the brave woman said in an interview. “It was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life,” she added.

Nonetheless, we’re pretty sure that nothing can really prepare you to carry a 55-pound dog six hours down a mountain.

“I was really dead. I wanted to stop. I wanted to quit. I was almost in tears. You know, every time that I would set him down I would have to squat all the way down to my bum and then lay down so I could let him down gently so that I wouldn’t injure him anymore,” the woman told.

When they finally reached the village after six miles of hiking, the pup was rushed to a vet.

After the treatment was done, vets were able to track down the dog’s owner. They also came to know that the dog’s name is Boomer. This cutie got injured after falling from a 100-foot cliff. Oh, that’s sad.