Airports can be very emotional. That’s because every day there are people who fly to start a new chapter of their lives. There are people who have to say the saddest goodbyes and then there are people like Twitter user @KatiHartwig who encounter interesting seatmates. 

Well, she was sitting with a little girl and decided to share her hilarious one-liners on her Twitter account. 

It’s no secret that not everyone likes to see little kids on planes, but this Twitter user showed that they can really brighten your flight

On her flight, this Twitter user got to sit next to a witty little girl who kept serving one-line jokes

So her tweet turned into a whole thread full of brilliant jokes by this little girl

Turns out the woman on the plane works as a social media specialist for an airport

Watch this TikTok video where Kati explains the situation in more detail

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The thread encouraged other people online to share their stories of having funny conversations with little kids during flights