It’s another day and we have found another story that would make you wonder “what’s wrong with people?” 

If you are using social media sites, there is something you should know. If Facebook not showing any ads, Instagram telling you to take a break from scrolling, and Reddit goes all serious & tells you to immediately get a lawyer, you gotta listen. 

In this case, a Redditor Throwaway-twinmama, who lives on the East Coast, shared a very personal and frightening story with the AITA community. She is asking for advice as she doesn’t know what to do. 

This woman is pregnant with twins and the father is Joe, her ex. Now her ex had gone back to his ex-girlfriend, Kim, and both of them wants to be involved in the process of raising kids. The problem is Kim is way too invested in the process and it is making everyone uncomfortable. 

A woman who’s pregnant with twins shared the bizarre and frightening way that her ex’s girlfriend has been acting

Other internet users convinced the mother-to-be to seek legal help

Later on, the woman posted an update: her ex’s gf went berserk after she saw the story on Reddit

Here’s what the members of the AITA community on Reddit have been saying

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