Do you want to know what would happen if you don’t close the back door of your house during a storm? Oh well, scroll down to have a look. 

An Imgur user (known only as of the handle “Amscolie”) uploaded these photos in 2017, but she has been friendly to deer for a while.

The bio on her Imgur profile reads:

“I’m a wildlife rehabilitator with a BA in psych, another in German and a master’s in forensic science. Currently, I work in health insurance. I clearly lack focus.”

She has 18 years of experience in animal rehabilitation, so it is not surprising that these animals seek her house as shelter.

She even has a dog and her dog is the fan of one of the deers whom this lady has named Alphie.

Of course, letting wild animals in is never a good idea, and it doesn’t seem to be a habit anyway. There is only one exception to this storm.

These sweet photos are not the only ones Amscolie has posted to go viral.