22-year-old Brightnye Quayle is dating a man who is almost twice her age. She says that people often make fun of her and say that she has “daddy issues.”

Quayle met James on a night out almost two years ago at a casino. Since then, they have been going out together.

Brightnye, who was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, but now lives with James in Queensland, decided to purchase nine sandwiches at the bar on that particular evening, which piqued her now-older boyfriend’s interest,

wrote Daily Mail.

People often mistake her for James’s daughter and say she’s only with him for his money, as per the young model and diving instructor.

After they started dating, the couple made a TikTok account where they shared pictures and short videos of cute things they did together. Many people who watch their videos, though, criticize them for being together because they have a big age gap

We actually met totally organically at the casino. I was the girl who bought nine sandwiches because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time,

said Brightnye.

He came up behind me and said that I should come talk to him, so I did.


I thought anyone who is buying nine sandwiches was either starving to death or needed to be spoken to,

added James.

James had been married for almost 30 years before he met Quayle. He has four daughters, and each of them has a different opinion about his new girlfriend.

Two of them are okay, one is sitting on the fence, and the other one would like to murder you with a pitchfork, which isn’t very nice. But we don’t mind, we’re in love,

he said.

The couple says that many of their social media followers question Qualye’s loyalty and say that she’s only with James for the money.

I get mistaken for his daughter a lot,

said Quayle.

The comments are interesting. A lot of them are about money, it’s ridiculous. I was married to my wife for 30 years, bought her a Maserati, paid for everything… what is the difference?

James added.

Every relationship, well certainly traditional relationships where the man looks after the woman, of course you’re going to spend money, it’s not an issue. And not relevant.


And we’re off to get me a Porche,

Brightnye joked.

At first, the New Zealander thought it was strange that she was dating James, who is 35 years older than her. But in the end, love won out.

The age difference is 35 years, and it did bother us both initially because we thought it was a bit odd,

Brightnye said.

We have a very special and genuine connection and now don’t even really see the age difference, it’s not a factor in our relationship anymore. Dating younger men is impossible in this day and age as they don’t know how to behave.


We both thought it was ridiculous for the first 12 months but we both genuinely have a connection and something special and truly love each other,

she concluded.

Nobody can take that away from us. Love is love,

she said.