Who can resist dogs?

Being a dog lover, you would know how hard it is to resist yourself from petting a dog. They are the most adorable and loving creatures on the planet, and only a person who can’t understand them will be able to resist themselves from loving them. Well, if you think that you can touch a dog without their permission, we would say that you must wait and observe them first. Just like humans, you must respect their privacy and should allow them to give you the right to get close to them.

Sarah Elkins is a woman about who we are going to tell you today. She observed a dog in the yard every single day and always wanted to pet him. But she waited for him to give her own permission.

“I started telling her she was a pretty girl, and soon she started sticking her nose through the fence and wagging her tail, but I never wanted to intrude on her space,” Elkins said.

That is when she decided enough is enough.

“She saw me come out of my office door from her yard and greeted me at the gate with a full-body wag and a smile,” Elkins said.

“I couldn’t take it anymore and ran back to the office to print the sign.”

So she finally asked for permission.

She printed a sign and hung it inside their gate so that they could notice it. She waited for the next day and sure enough, they had responded to her request! They left her a note saying “OF COURSE! Her name is Sparrow, and she is a good girl.” So, understandably, Sarah was really excited!

“I was a little nervous that the answer would be no, but it wasn’t,” Elkins said.

“Even better, Sparrow was there with her tail wagging so fast it moved her whole body side to side.”

Sparrow is now greeted by Sarah every morning and she is very much loved!

“Sometimes she will even put her paws on the fence to get a hug,” Elkins said.