During difficult situations, a good family always stands by each other. They help each other without expecting anything in return and they love each other unconditionally. But tell us one thing- Is it wrong to stop helping one of your family members if they seem to take advantage of you?

We know it sounds a little weird. But honestly, there are all kinds of families. Some share a close bond with their parents and siblings, while others just like to keep things casual.

A Reddit user, @Relative_Potential92 has recently encountered a similar weird family situation. And now, she is asking other people’s opinions on the way she handled it.

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It’s great to have a strong relationship with your family that is based on trust

Tis Redit user shared a family tension that included her older brother. Very often we are used to the idea that older brothers love to protect and take care of their little siblings. In this situation, it happens to be quite the opposite. The author of the post shared that the 34-year-old man finds it hard to keep the same steady job and this results in him being supported by family and friends. Of course, there is nothing wrong with taking help, but the woman emphasized that this happens quite often and that he doesn’t seem to put any effort into trying to stand on his feet. Besides this, every time this happens, her brother doesn’t bother to help around the house with chores or pay for anything. According to her, he just creates even more mess, eats others’ food, and uses their things. Because of this, a lot of his friends have turned their back on him.

A Reddit user decided to share a situation that occurred in her family and how she decided to handle it

When the brother lost his job last time, he thought of crashing at his parents’ house but they couldn’t take him because their other sibling and his family needed help, so they were staying at the parents’ house. Seeing this situation, the author’s parents as well as her uncle and aunt decided to ask her to take her brother into her house. Since there was no other option, and the woman felt bad for her brother, she allowed him to stay at her place.

The woman shared that she has a brother who finds it hard to keep a steady job and often ends up staying at family’s or friends’ home

The same scenario happened again but now his parents weren’t able to help him out

She was strict with him by telling him that he could only stay there for a couple of months. Little did she know that he would end up there for 6-7 months. The woman shared that during that time, her brother acted horribly: he didn’t help around the house, didn’t even take care of himself, ate all of her food, and racked up bills. The woman had had enough of this, so she said that her brother had to go.

Being a good sister, the woman allowed him to move into her place but stated that he could only stay there for a couple of months

After 6 months, she asked him to move out because she couldn’t keep living with him, so he ended up telling his parents about this

The man shared this news with other family members, and soon his sister received a call from their aunt who yelled at the woman for refusing to help her brother, stating that this is what family is for—to help each other out in tough times. The niece agreed with her and hung up the phone. This is when she already had a plan in her head. She helped her brother to pack and dropped him off at their aunt’s house, the same ones who gave her the brilliant speech on how one should help their relative out.

The news reached their aunt who scolded the sister for evicting her brother and refusing to help him further

The woman didn’t let this impact her decision, so she packed her brother’s things and dropped him off at their aunt’s house

Soon the woman received multiple calls from her parents and the aunt who was furious with her actions. Despite this, the brother stayed at the aunt’s place. Even though the woman was brave to do such a thing, she still asked people online if she did the right thing by leaving her brother there. People online were quick to express their support for this woman, and even we were surprised by the outcome of the story. What do you think about this situation? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

The aunt wasn’t happy with the outcome of this situation but everyone else didn’t mind her helping out

The woman provided some more details about her brother and the whole situation they all were in

A lot of people online not only supported the sister’s decision but also were concerned about the brother and his state