Woman infected with flesh-eating bacteria after swimming at Norfolk beach

A Virginia woman was infected with a flesh-eating bacteria after swimming at a beach. Her vacation turned sour as she was recommended immediate surgery for the same. However, this is not the first time this infection has been acquired while bathing on beaches.

Amanda Edwards chuckles over her infection caused by flesh-eating bacteria

Amanda Edwards now laughs, thinking about her fatal infection. She felt like her leg would fall off. Edwards visited Ocean View Beach last week with her friends and could see the symptoms of infection the next day. She tried to ignore it but the infection spread quickly. And, she could not walk anymore.

Doctors advised her to keep the affected area covered for a couple of days. And prescribed antibiotics. According to doctors, the bacteria might have entered her leg by an open wound. Also, a swimming advisory was issued the same day.

Flesh-eating disease

The flesh-eating disease is caused by bacteria. This bacteria produces toxins which further destroy the tissues of muscles and fat.


Flesh-eating disease is caused due to following reasons:

  • Those who have liver function problems, usually alcoholics.
  • Eating contaminated seafood.
  • Due to a wound that gets contaminated by seawater.

Woman acquires flesh-eating infection after swimming at Norfolk beach


Good hygiene is the key to prevent yourself from acquiring this infection.

  • Avoid swimming in pools and open water sources.
  • Keep your open wounds covered with bandages.
  • Wash your hands often.

Precautions that one should take on a beach

Woman acquires flesh-eating infection after swimming at Norfolk beach

According to the health officials, one should take following preventive measures on a beach:

  • Avoid swallowing the beach water while swimming.
  • Also, do not take a dip after a heavy rainfall.
  • Prevent swimming if you are ill or have a weak immune system.
  • Swim far from the drains and fishing pipers.
  • Don’t forget to take a shower with soap, once you get out of water.

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