It’s obvious when we buy something from the store we have to pay for it before leaving. It doesn’t matter what payment method we choose, paying the bill is important. That’s because taking the items without paying is considered shoplifting.

But should we accuse someone of shoplifting without listening to their side of the story? Of course, not. However, this thing has happened in a Walmart store where a woman was falsely accused of shoplifting. 

Actually, she chooses the self-checkout method for paying for the items that she has purchased. But due to some glitch in the system, her payment was not reflected. And this thing further invited troubles for her. 

This woman is an Alabama resident and her name is Lesleigh Nurse. After scanning the items correctly, she thought she had gone through the process of paying for her groceries. However, before she left the self-checkout machine, the machine froze.

She tried explaining that she paid. And after the pay, the machine froze. But no one believed her story and the store’s employees had her arrested.

Fast forward to one year later, Nurse thought that everything was settled. But she ended up getting letters from a Florida law firm threatening to sue her if she didn’t pay $200. Of course, she refused to pay, but she didn’t ignore the letters either. She sued Walmart.

According to the lawsuit, Walmart “engaged in a pattern and practice of falsely accusing innocent Alabama citizens of shoplifting and thereafter attempting to collect money from the innocently accused.” Within a two-year period, Walmart made hundreds of millions of dollars with this practice.

Despite the Walmart layers tried justifying themselves, saying that everything they did is legal in Alabama. But the jury still sided in favor of Nurse and ended up awarding her $2.1 million.

What do you think? Does it surprise you that the jury decided in favor of Nurse? Or this news made you happy.